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Canada Beef works together with Canadian farmers, ranchers, industry champions and brand partners to drive, enhance and sustain loyalty to Canadian beef. Canada Beef is harnessing the Canadian beef brand story to build consumer and customer loyalty for Canadian beef globally. These efforts increase demand for Canadian beef and the value producers receive for their cattle.

Domestic Market Development Canada Beef invests domestically to ensure Canadian beef remains a staple of Canadian diets. Canada Beef works with brand partners with large volumes and influence such as Costco, Loblaw, Federated Co-op, Tim Hortons, Swiss Chalet, Montana’s, Subway and Sysco. Canada Beef ensures that these partners fully understand and appreciate the Canadian Beef brand in order to promote the value and leverage the marketing power of the Brand. Recently, two large national entities made the decision to advocate and promote 100 per cent Canadian Beef: Walmart and Harvey’s. Partnerships like these continued to be a priority, focusing on Canadian beef brand message and alignment. To further leverage its influence, Canada Beef has presence at industry trade shows such as the Restaurants Canada and Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers. Canada Beef’s social and digital spaces engage and connect with consumers and producers to build brand loyalty. 
With more than 54,000 followers and 3.2 million impressions, Canada Beef continues to successfully build relationships and drive demand. At website consumers and producers can source information regarding recipes, beef know-how, media releases, beef campaigns and events in both English and French. The Make it Beef (MIB) monthly e-newsletter is deployed to almost 40,000 subscribers covering topics that are both culinary and brand focused. The Roundup App is a mobile beef buying and cooking app, designed to help consumers have better success with beef when they cook at home. This resource is offered in English, French and Spanish and was adapted for the Chinese market. Canada Beef’s social media space has grown to include a variety of social media platforms, each reaching target audiences in helpful, informative, and engaging ways. Join the conversation by following and liking us. #LoveCDNBeef #CDNBeef Generic Beef Marketing The Import Levy (collected on beef imports at the equivalent rate of $1 per head) provides funding for positive generic (i.e. non-branded) beef messaging to Canadians. With price concerns, consumers’ diminishing food skills, and health and wellness remaining an important social license issue for the beef industry, Canada Beef developed targeted initiatives to positively influence consumer preference for beef as a choice over other proteins. Activities in this area included: print and TV advertising; doctor office video distribution nationally; Cineplex Odeon movie theatre advertising; video ad placement at national fitness locations; responding to media inquiries and articles about beef and health including addressing concerns about the proposed changes to Canada’s Food Guide; and resource/key message development on topics such as beef and cancer and red meat and health, beef and iron. These initiatives resulted in over 52 million consumer impressions over the past 18 months. Visit for nutritional and culinary resources.
CCA Executive Vice President Dennis Laycraft was in Tokyo, Japan with Chef Mathieu Paré of the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence to promote and demonstrate the high quality goodness and versatility of Canadian Beef at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo just ahead of the Dec. 30, 2018 implementation of the CPTPP. Photo credit: submitted.

Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) is a pivotal resource in Canada Beef’s abilities to connect and collaborate with clients in a meaningful way. Top-notch chefs, butchers, home economists and industry professionals use the centre to develop technical and training resources working directly with industry partners. In its first three years of operation, the Centre has hosted over 480 domestic and international companies in business development programming; hosted 142 domestic and international missions; featured four media/influencer events for Canada’s 150 celebrations including TV broadcasts from the centre with outreach estimated at 4.8 million consumers; and helped generate more than $480 million in new Canadian beef business.


Export Market Development

Canada Beef’s work in export markets such as: Mexico/Caribbean/Central America; Japan; China/Hong Kong; South Korea; Taiwan; Vietnam; Philippines; Singapore; the Middle East and European Union is creating opportunities for the Canadian beef industry to realize greater value for the carcass than what could be realized in the domestic market alone. Besides offering competitive bids on middle meats, the export markets can deliver better returns for end meats, credit/thin meats and offal than here at home, contributing well over $600 per head in additional carcass value.


The Latin America market hub supported various marketing and promotional programs as well as social media marketing in collaboration with leading export partners and retail and foodservice distributors in Mexico and Latin America. With successful programs such as the Canadian Beef Culinary Series, promotions featuring high-profile celebrity chefs, and business development outreach through trade shows and trade missions, and cooperative programs with Canadian Embassies, Consulates and Trade Commissioners, Canada Beef is creating brand awareness and positioning our high-end product in the minds of consumers and key influencers.


Asian market hubs successfully utilized the Canadian Beef Branding Series to drive education, understanding and loyalty to the Canadian Beef Brand. They also continued to position the Canadian beef brand through a series of educational cooking classes and professional chef seminars; integrated marketing programs linking online and live events; culinary seminars and competitions building a Canadian Beef community in the social media platforms and brand media campaigns, and cooperative programs with Canadian Embassies, Consulates and Trade Commissioners. The marketing initiatives successfully brought the Canadian Beef Advantage to end users as a real-life experience through cutting/cooking demonstrations and beef tasting - giving them an emotional connection to the brand and creating on going conversations between end users.


Canadian beef was among the Canadian agricultural products promoted by AAFC Minister MacAulay, during numerous trade missions to China to discuss ways of strengthening agricultural trade between the two countries. CCA leadership participated in a number of the missions along with Canada Beef. Photo credit: submitted.

Impact of Check-off Investment and Import Levy Investment

A study evaluating the economic benefits from the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off was completed in 2016 indicating that every dollar of check-off investment into domestic and international promotion, market development and research brought back a benefit of $14 per head to producers – a benefit cost ratio (BCR) of 14:1.


In 2018, the study was updated and showed that the BCR had increased by 29 per cent to 18:1. The updated study also looked at the benefit to the industry of the Import Levy – a $1 per head equivalent levy collected on beef imports into Canada used for domestic marketing. The updated study showed the combined BCR from the check-off and import levy is 25:1 or a $25 benefit for the beef industry.


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Vice President, Corporate Affairs


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