New Brunswick Cattle Producers

The 2018 calendar year was marked by progress for the New Brunswick Cattle Producers (NBCP) as the board and staff work to generate opportunities for industry development and growth.


A positive decision was rendered by the New Brunswick Court of Appeals in favour of the NBCP in January 2018, clearing the way for a move towards an increased provincial check-off to match the increase in the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off rate. Both increases had been well communicated to industry and policy had been set by the Board or Directors, allowing the increased check off rate to take effect on February 1, 2018.


The NBCP continues to work with regional partners through the Maritime Beef Council to implement the Maritime Beef Sector Growth Strategy. The Strategy is focused on generating new opportunities for growth and development in the regional cattle industry.

The five core goals of the Maritime Beef Growth Strategy are:

  1. Increase the regional cow herd by 20,000 by 2027
  2. Increase beef production profitability through training and education
  3. Develop an industry-leading regional feed efficient beef herd
  4. Maximize pasture and forage stand productivity
  5. Advance the profitability of the industry through value chain co-ordination


Enhanced communication with the membership continues to be a top priority for the NBCP. As a cost reduction measure and a general modernization of the NBCP communications strategy, the NBCP encourages producers to be proactive in sourcing information by visiting the NBCP website and Facebook page.


Piloted in 2017, the integration of training workshops into the NBCP fall regional meetings was continued in 2018. Member feedback suggests that the delivery of professional development opportunities along with updates from the board of directors on association activities increased the value proposition for attending regional meetings around the province. Presentations for 2018 included Jane Morrigan from Integrity Livestock Services who delivered a humane animal handling workshop and Dr. Robert Berthiaume, formerly of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and Valacta, delivered a high performance forage management workshop. Bruce Andrews from Atlantic Beef Products, the region’s only federally inspected beef processing plant, provided an update on the Certified Island Beef (CIB) brand which offers price incentives to feedlots who choose to enroll in the program. Humane animal handling training is a requirement for enrollment in the CIB program.

NBCP, CCA at meetings in Ottawa during a fly-in day

Two significant regional events were hosted with support from NBCP during 2018. The now annual AAFC-Maritime Beef Council Forage Field Day hosted more than 120 growers from across the Maritimes in August, and more than 400 attendees to the Maritime Beef Conference enjoyed presentations from Dr. Temple Grandin in March.


The lack of a Price Risk Insurance program in the region continues to limit sector growth in New Brunswick. The Maritime Beef Council Agri-Risk project to explore participation in the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program was completed in March and identified the challenges and opportunities for developing a price index for the Maritime region. Work continues to explore the next steps for implementing a price risk vehicle for Maritime cattle producers.


Looking ahead to continued program delivery, the NBCP leadership is working with staff to develop a clear direction for programs for the next four years of the Canadian Agriculture Partnership by review of the NBCP strategic and aligning with the Maritime Beef Growth Strategy and the National Beef Strategy.


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