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The Nova Scotia Cattle Producers (NSCP) continued to work with provincial, regional and national partners on several research, training and industry promotion projects in 2018.

NSPC partnered with the Maritime Beef Council (MBC) and held the third annual Maritime Beef Conference. This was by far the biggest and best conference to date. With keynote speaker, Dr. Temple Grandin, the event drew more than 450 people the first day and more than 220 on the second day. This conference continues to be a great event for producers to gather information, network with peers and participate in conversations about the future of our industry. This year, NSCP organized the fourth annual Nova Elite Beef Expo held at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition. This year’s Expo featured 92 animals from 16 different exhibitors with more than $6,800 awarded in prize money. We would like to thank the many volunteers who helped organize the show as well as those who helped during the show. We would also like to thank our many sponsors who provided prize money for the show, particularly Presenting Sponsor- Atlantic Beef Products from Prince Edward Island. In October we sponsored the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling in Truro, with our national partner, Canada Beef. As title sponsor of major sporting events, Canada Beef worked with the MBC to promote beef to the thousands of consumers who attend the events. Part of the event, included a beef information booth as well as a community beef picnic on October 25th from 4pm to 6pm at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre. The picnic included talks from sponsored curlers on why they choose beef as their preferred protein. In November, we held a ‘Bob Calves- What to do with Them and How to Maximize Price’ workshop in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health. Guest speakers were Dr. Dave Kelton, DVM, and Dr. Frank Schenkels, DVM, from Fundy Veterinarians Ltd. The workshop was well received and was used to update veterinarians, producers and livestock dealers on the importance of calf health and potential market gains. NSCP continues to be committed to young farmers and new entrants. In 2018 we continued our partnership with the Nova Scotia Young Farmers Forum to sponsor a delegate to the national young farmers’ conference as well as the annual provincial summer meeting and social. We also continue to support youth in the beef industry by supporting the Nova Scotia Royal Beef Team. Throughout the year NSCP has worked on several animal health related files. In April we completed our industry emergency preparedness plan with our partners at the Canadian Animal Health Coalition, Pork Nova Scotia and the Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia. We have also received funding to conduct a vaccination screening project of feeder cattle in partnership with Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc., Atlantic Stockyards Ltd. (ASL) and the Atlantic Veterinary College. ASL is the site of the largest feeder sales in Atlantic Canada. Feeder sales take place throughout the year where cattle are sold to feedlots within and outside the Maritimes. Since 2010, ASL has paid a $5 per head premium for vaccinated feeder cattle. However, there have been reports from purchasing feedlots claiming instances of illnesses in vaccinated feeder cattle. This study will examine antibody titers in randomly sampled cattle sold through ASL feeder sales. This analysis will verify that vaccinations were administered to the cattle which received the vaccinated animal premium. The goal of this project is to verify the administration of vaccination protocols in feeder cattle sold through ASL, and to improve the quality of feeder cattle sold through ASL. At NSCPs zone meetings earlier in January, we once again hosted Dr. Claire Windeyer from the University of Calgary who focuses her research and veterinarian practice on early calf health. We have received funding for the Maritime Beef School which is a program for producers to help professionalize the industry and educate producers on initiatives. There are eight topics of content that the school is looking to propose: Herd Procurement and Replenishment, Feeding and Nutrition Management, Pasture Feeding Systems, Breeding Strategies, Breeding for the Target Market, Calving Seasons, Bull Management, Cattle Handling Systems and Housing, Herd Health Management, Marketing Strategies, Value Chain Management, Dairy Beef and Farm Business Management.

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