Les Producteurs de bovins du Québec


We were particularly active in building our relationships with the Quebec government in 2018. With the provincial election on
October 1, 2018, in mind, we held extra meetings with provincial ministers and MNAs from all parties to discuss the major issues affecting us and to share solutions that have been proposed. This initiative garnered good media coverage. It resulted in some concrete outcomes being realized, with other measures still in development.

An ambitious multi-point development plan

For over a year now, we have been working to develop an ambitious development plan with a view to increasing our production by 50 per cent by the year 2025. Several actions will be required if we are to hit this target, some of which will involve government support for production.

  • After several years of working with the Quebec Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, we ensured that the farm income support policy would apply evenly across the board to all agricultural businesses, regardless of size. Previously, the support was cut by 50 per cent beyond a certain threshold. This measure will be a crucial factor in ensuring that feeder calf and fed cattle production return to a state of growth.
  • To support R&D and market development, an increase in research contributions was implemented in the feeder calf sector. The fed cattle sector also saw its contributions reinstated after them having been suspended for some years. Furthermore, both sectors implemented contributions to pay for advertising.
  • The entire cattle sector agreed to undertake a strategic planning process, which will complement our regular operations. This strategic plan should be completed by spring 2019 and will guide our development actions until 2025.


Responding to market expectations

The PBQ has had a keen interest in foreign markets for several years and has been working to implement tools and mechanisms to supply slaughter plants wishing to sell to these markets. The markets in question include China (beta agonist free) and the European Union (implant free).


Quebec has also been one of the Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program’s longstanding major supporters. Nearly 60 per cent of Quebec’s fed cattle production is certified VBP+. The implementation of VBP+ continues to pose a challenge in Quebec’s feeder calf sector, as is the case elsewhere in Canada.


At the end of 2018, both the feeder calf and fed cattle sectors are currently focusing on promoting VBP+ and on creating incentives for participating in the program. In the fed cattle sector, we could approach 80 per cent participation by mid-2019. In the feeder calf sector, it is no exaggeration to think that we will have 40 to 50 producers certified by the end of 2019.


Quebec producers’ sense of belonging

In 2018, the PBQ board of directors adopted a detailed plan with a view to bolstering Quebec cattle producers’ sense of belonging to the organization. The plan involves various actions:

  • We will develop short videos featuring information that is relevant to producers. These videos will provide information on market trends, environmental rules, the VBP+ program, rules governing animal transportation, and more. The idea is to reach a maximum of producers through a variety of methods simultaneously. The video initiative complements our ongoing communications through our Facebook page, our newsletter, and the Bovins du Québec monthly magazine.
  • To attract more involvement from young producers in the organization, we have created a position dedicated to focusing on the next generation in almost all our decision-making bodies.
  • We provide our directors with all kinds of training sessions to help them communicate more effectively with producers.


Membership in the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

In closing, we would be remiss not to mention the board’s unanimous decision to become a member of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, after an absence of over 20 years. The decision was very positively received by Quebec producers. We would sincerely like to thank the board for its warm welcome and express our pride in contributing to the development of the Canadian cattle industry. Special thanks to Dan Darling, David Haywood-Farmer, and Dennis Laycraft, who helped finalize the discussions on Quebec’s membership.


For more information, please visit the PBQ website at www.bovin.qc.ca



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