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The Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association (SCA) is proud to be “The Voice of Saskatchewan’s Cattle Industry.”
We represent and work for all cattle producers in the province.

Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association Fly-in Day in Ottawa. Photo credit: CCA.

Being a strong advocate for the industry with all levels of government, the public and our industry partners is a core focus for our organization when planning our operations for the year.


We are committed to funding a variety of research projects and extension programs to help improve the industry, preserve the environment and help producers adopt the promising practices.


We work to use the as many communication tools as possible to help us connect with consumers and producers to raise awareness about the benefits of beef to a healthy lifestyle, the economy and the environment.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and SCA Director Brad Welter discuss some of the issues facing the cattle industry at the SCA MLA reception at the provincial legislature in November. The event is a good way for the board to talk with all politicians to help them gain a better understanding of the beef industry. Shortly after the meeting the government introduced new legislation to deal with trespassing. This is one of the areas SCA has been working with policy makers to develop a solution that works for producers and the public. Along with the reception, SCA board members also host Members of Parliament, MLAs and other government officials on tours of their own operations. These meetings are very helpful in building relationships and ensuring the government is aware of SCA positions on the issues.


The SCA was successful in working with government to strengthen laws and make improvements to several programs offered through Saskatchewan Crop Insurance. This included making improvements to the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program, raise the amount paid for animals lost to predation, and include fire coverage for forage crops.


SCA advocated for changes to the rules governing livestock income tax deferrals in disaster areas and pushed for new trade agreements to be signed. These are just a few of the ways our “Boots on the Hill” visits to Ottawa help producers. Working with politicians, industry stakeholders and the public to help develop the cattle industry is a top priority for the SCA.


The highlight of the 2018 research year was the opening of the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence (LFCE) at the University of Saskatoon. The SCA has contributed $1 million towards the construction and will continue to fund cutting edge research at the facility.


Each year the association invests more than $500,000 in research projects. The SCA meets with researchers throughout the year, including an event in the spring at the University of Saskatchewan, to discuss the needs and priorities of producers. When funding projects, the board looks for research that will solve producer problems, make the industry more environmentally sustainable and provide economic benefits to the industry and the province.


Members of the SCA board toured the LFCE shortly after the facility opened last year. The SCA continues to fund research projects designed to make vaccines more effective, improve yields for barley, corn and forage crops, the Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey, dugout management, and feed efficiency for cattle. Along with the research, the SCA also funds field tours and other extension programs to help producers learn and adopt new technology.


At SCA, we like to let people know it’s okay to “Make It Beef” and we are continually looking for new ways to reach consumers and producers to promote beef and the cattle industry. This past year we were active in sponsoring dozens of programs and partnerships like Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan, Ag In the Classroom and Agri-Ed.


We also organized several new events focusing on promoting beef to consumers. Our goal is to help consumers understand where to buy and how to use Canadian beef while answering their questions and concerns about beef.


Recently, we had a great turnout for the annual district meetings. During those meetings we provide valuable information as well as give producers a chance to see what we are doing and provide feedback on what is important to them. This year we focused on letting producers know the opportunities that exist under the new Canadian Agricultural Program.


We also sponsor programs like Verified Beef Production Plus, Saskatchewan Forage Council and work with the provincial livestock specialists to help producers know about the latest in the industry.


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Regina Chef Derris Warren puts the finishing touches on his entry in the finals of the “Ya Gotta Beef With Me Chef’s Challenge” at Agribition this year. Six chefs faced off in the cooking competition. Each day they had to develop a menu using different cuts of beef. Another highlight of the year was “Beef Month in #YQR”. This was the first time for both events and both were successful. SCA is hoping to continue to promote and participate in these types of activities

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