Value Creation and Competitiveness Committee


The mandate of the CCA Value Creation and Competitiveness Committee is to seek out and provide producers with technologies, goods or services that create a more profitable business climate through creating higher returns and/or lowering the cost of production of cattle from birth through processing.

The Value Creation and Competitiveness (VCC) Committee identifies potential opportunities for value creation for the Canadian beef industry in order to improve its competitiveness. The VCC coordinates closely with other CCA committees and agencies to ensure that the Canadian cattle industry is able to capitalize on these opportunities.


Duties and responsibilities

  • Provide education to producers on opportunities to adopt new technologies or processes;
  • Work with industry-based youth organizations to promote succession planning and the engagement of youth in the beef industry across Canada;
  • Identify roadblocks and determine strategies to remove impediments to value creation opportunities;
  • Identify opportunities for improved information transfer within the beef-value chain;
  • Provide a forum for multi-stakeholder participation in evaluating new opportunities and overcoming challenges;
  • To collaborate with other CCA committees on potential areas of interest;
  • To advise the Beef Cattle Research Council and other research institutions of areas of research that could significantly benefit cattle producers through value creation and competitiveness.


Areas of involvement

  • Beef quality and safety research at the meat and retail level, which seeks to enhance the beef eating experience for consumers;
  • Oversight of the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) youth mentorship program, and the funding request for a comprehensive succession and business planning education program;
  • Enhancing practical on-farm certification programming with Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) to meet Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef Indicators and the new Canadian Sustainable Beef Framework;
  • Assisting participation in the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot to enable sourcing of eligible VBP+ audited cattle;
  • Support for carcass grading improvements and beef cattle sector advisory on issues of concern or potential adjustments.


The VCC committee hosted a series of guest speakers at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference meetings in August with a broad range of topics including; connecting the beef value-chain through data, blockchain technology and its application in agriculture, and updates to Canada’s Food Guide.

Board members and cattle industry representatives are encouraged to forward issues for discussion and review to the VCC committee.


Committee Members: Cathy Sharp, Chair; Ramona Blyth, Vice Chair; Reg Schellenberg, Jason Reid, Nathan Phinney, Kirk Jackson, YCC ex-officio. Brett McRae;
CBBC: Michael Latimer. CCA staff: David Moss, Mark Klassen.


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